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Meek Parents

Reminders About Tardies and Absences 

1. If a student misses any portion of a class (this includes a small portion due to lateness), an excuse must be turned in to the office. This allows the student to receive a slip showing his/her teachers the absence is excused and the teachers may allow the student to make up missed work. 

2. If a student does not bring an excuse within 2 school days of the absence or tardy, a slip showing teachers the portion of their class that was missed is unexcused will be given to the student and the teacher may not allow the student to make-up the missed work which results in grades of zero for each assignment missed. 

3. Doctor's excuses are best. However, the school will accept up to ten personal notes of explanation as to the missed portion of the school. 

4. When the fifth unexcused absence is reached, a petition may be filed with the juvenile court. The parents/guardians would then have to appear before Judge Michael Newell to give an explanation for the absences, and penalties may be imposed.

The Meek School Handbook serves to give much greater detail on our policies. Every student received a handbook to keep at home. 

If you have questions concerning tardiness and absenteeism, please call the school at 205-384-5825. You may also contact Winston County Schools' attendance officer, Daniel Farris.